Success is a Two-Way Process

Our goal is to help you become a successful author, after all, we only succeed if you do.

We know the vast majority of authors share our passion for creating successful books but oddly enough there are a number of authors who are not interested in what happens to their book beyond the point it is published. Unfortunately with over two million new books being published each year a book which is not supported will sink without trace.

So forgive us for stating the blindingly obvious here, but we can only work with authors who are willing to support their own book.

We need your help in two vital areas

1) Local Promotions: Little acorns and mighty oaks. Very often a few small scale activities spread the seeds of much wider success. For example if a local paper does a piece on you or your book we can then sometimes leverage that to national or international coverage. Or a successful book signing in a local store results in a referral to a larger store in the next town and possible inclusion in the Favoured Book List. A few signed copies given to local people can create reviews on Internet Bookshops, we can again leverage these for greater publicity.

2) Social Media: As authors we may not enjoy the constant spotlight that now shines on us via such entities as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Blogs, etcetera but to ignore them these days is just professional suicide. Unfortunately, publishers cannot do this for you, readers want to connect with authors, they have absolutely no interest in the publisher.

If you feel passionate enough about the success of your own book to commit to working in both of these areas then we will support you every step of the way. We will guide you through the jungle, show you how it all works and equip you with the tools you need. However if you feel unable to engage in both of these areas then we will quite understand but unfortunately, we will not be the publisher you are seeking.

Note: By submitting your manuscript to us for consideration you are agreeing to support your book in these two critical areas.