Submission Tips

The most important piece you will ever write as an author is your query.

If it is grammatically incorrect, littered with spelling mistakes or written in ‘text speak’ then it is likely to be deleted without reading. This is your one chance to make a first impression with your literary skills, be sure it is the impression you intend.

Our commissioning Editor’s name is Claire. Not sir/madam or To Whom It May Concern or worse still, hi there!

Whilst we quite understand the frustrations of an author and the desire to spread the net as wide as possible, we still like to think that you have looked at us and you have made a decision that we may be the right publisher for your book. A spam submission which goes to a hundred publishers at the same time is always obvious no matter how much one tries to disguise it! If you attach such low importance to your manuscript then don’t be surprised if we do the same!

A good query letter creates an impact and moves the submission out of the slush pile. If you believe in your manuscript give it the best chance you can.

If you need help creating a good query then author Brian Grove has a website dedicated to helping the new author prepare this.

When you are ready to submit to us please visit our Submissions page here.