Frequently Asked Questions

What genres do you publish?

We publish a very specific range of genre fiction. See our submissions page for more details

Do you charge the author for publishing their work?

Most certainly not. Neither do we charge reading fees or editing fees. We are however highly selective about the titles we publish.

 Can I help with the promotion?

In today’s competitive marketplace your book needs every bit of help available. With over 2,000,000 new books published every year and a current backlist of over 6,000,000 from which to choose, retailers and readers need reminding your book is there! At Netherworld we will not offer a contract to an author who will not assist with the promotion of their own book. The days of writing ‘The End’ and leaving the rest down to the publisher are long gone, even for the big names.

 Do you edit or proof check my work?

It is often necessary to edit manuscripts to some degree or other but we do try not to interfere with the author’s intent or style when doing so. We do not however undertake large scale repairs to either grammar or spelling as we believe that as an author it is your responsibility to ensure that your work is of a reasonable standard before submitting to us. We can recommend a proof editor if you wish but that would be outside of our arrangement with you and you would contract them yourself.

 Do you pay advances?

No, the advance system is anachronistic and is on the decline, and certainly for new authors is now almost nonexistent. You will, however, discover we pay some of the highest royalties in the industry! We believe this encourages the author to be pro-active in helping to market their work.

 Am I expected to buy massive quantities of my own book?

No, of course not! However, as the author, you should hold sufficient copies of your book for use at signings or other publicity initiatives you may undertake. But we do not expect you to fill your garage with them! We will help guide you with marketing ideas and how to publicise your book locally. You would purchase personal copies from us at RRP less your royalty level.

 Can you help with artwork for the cover?

You are welcome to design your own cover if you wish and providing we feel it is suitable. However, our art department will normally design one. Whilst we will always listen to author’s input, we will not design covers ‘To Order’.

 Do You Publish eBooks?

Yes! EBooks are gaining ground month on month. We will list for Amazon Kindle and provide editions suitable for all major eBook readers, Distribution is usually to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, WH Smith, Waterstones, Apple iBooks and Sony eBooks Store.We also now supply eBook lending libraries such as Oyster, which we believe will give a huge boost to our authors.

 Do You Give Any Help With Marketing?

Of course, if your book doesn’t sell we are just printing scrap paper! We will promote your book across a number of websites and ensure that it is made available to all internet retailers and bookshops. Of course nobody can dictate to individual retailers which titles they stock there are ways of improving the chances. As one of our authors, we will also guide in the most effective ways to promote your own work. We will also give advice about book signings and contacting your local media.