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We are a specialist publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Paranormal Romance. Being fans of the genre ourselves makes this a passion and we take great delight in bringing new authors into the public view.

Apart from showcasing new talent such as the latest breakthrough authors Ian Cattell and Megan Hood, we are also the home to many long-established authors, including Jae Mazer, Robert Gibson and Elizabeth Revill. Our mission is to give an extraordinary opportunity to talented new writers to gain a platform for their work in an industry that is usually highly dismissive of first-time authors.

The secret of our success is simple, we choose our authors very carefully and together, we follow a Planned Programme of Activity which ensures the best possible launch for debut authors. In a market as overcrowded as the first time author field, only the best will succeed, The best world-builders, the best writers and the best marketeers.

We publish in paperback, sometimes hardback and all the main electronic media.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our titles you will find them available in all good bookstores and online retailers.

If you have written a novel, please see our submissions page for details of how to send it to us for assessment.

Latest Release


Congratulations to Adriano Bullo for being nominated for the Booker Prize contest.

His Novel, The Road To London, is a poetic journey that touches one’s soul in a quite powerful way. It is the story of one young man´s journey toward his personal enlightenment and discovery of his sexuality. This was our selection for the Mann Booker Prize. It´s simply beautiful.

This is an extraordinary achievement for a debut author and we are proud to have him as one of our authors. The Long List is to be announced soon, we are all keeping everything crossed!